Dear Devotees,

I welcome you to our prestigious Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu Temple which is an unique and first Lord Dharma Sastha temple of this kind in North America.

The rituals and poojas are performed here in par with Sabarimalai by highly qualified priests from  Sri Lanka and India which proudly enable us to proclaim our temple as “Sabarimalai of Canada” and the temple has “sacred holy 18 steps”.

This temple is a result of hard work of many duly supported by learned members, upayadharars, donors, businessmen, medias and general public and the administration is run by able Board of Directors.

People from all walks of life – irrespective of caste, creed and religion, including foreigners,  all over the world visit our temple in large numbers daily and worship Dharma Sastha and get their vows and prayers fulfilled.  We do have many other deities in addition to Dharma Sastha and several types of poojas, prayers and pariharams to meet devotees specific requirement. Though you can browse all these information, if you step in our temple, I assure you that you will be excited and will not have heart to leave the temple except enjoying Dharma Sastha’s saniathuvam and chaithanyam

We also conduct annual festivals in line with Hindu customs and sastras and you can experience the greatness and uniqueness of our temple during Makaram, Mandalam, Vishu  in particular.

I humbly request all of you to visit our temple with family and friends and enjoy the “divine power” of our Dharma Sastha and get your prayers fulfilled.

Velupillai Nadesan