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Your donations support the day-to-day operations of the Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu temple (non-profit religious organization registered in 1991 in the province of Ontario – Charity Registration No. 132264607RR001). It helps us to plan for future needs of the Hindu community such as to establish new places of worship or renovate/upgrade the existing ones. The Canada Sri Ayyappan Hindu temple will issue official donation receipt to every donor. You as an individual or your business can claim Charitable Tax Credit for every dollar of donation you make to the Society. There are several ways to donate to the Society.

A temple symbolizes the body of god. Hence, when we visit a temple we are actually merging with god. Our ancestors followed this traditional path to be one with god, and this was passed on to future generations. 

Our ancestors have built many temples  and temple opens the doors for the current generation for spiritual enlightenment as well as for attaining utmost comfort and peace in life.

635 Middlefield Road,Toronto, Ontario, M1V 5B8

Canada Sri Ayyappan
Hindu Temple